Hondsrug project outline

Digital Table Digital Table In The Netherlands South East Drenthe LEADER and its local partner Aspiring Geopark de Hondsrug will use a ‘digital table’ to present information on the geology beneath the surface.  To be able to use the digital table for geological and heritage information an application must be developed. A ‘digital table’ will allow users to ‘travel back in time’ to witness the geological processes forming the ground beneath their feet and see the relationship between geology and heritage.  The area will also experiment with augmented reality.

Hondsrug digital table

Prehistoric stone structure Prehistoric stone structure The digital table will be used to provide information about the story of the Hondsrug area. There will be test models at the peat park the Veenpark and the war and peace ‘expedition centre’ in the Stedelijk Museum in Coevorden.

At times when there are few visitors in these areas, for instance in January and February, the digital table will be made available to junior schools in Emmen and Coevorden. The table will inspire the children to learn more about the origins and history of their own area.

 In order to use the table it will be necessary to create an application to make the Geopark storylines and information accessible on the digital table.  An internet connection will allow the table to access new information, but the table can also be used without an internet connection.

The application will be created in the period October – December 2011. The information about the geological and historical storylines will also be available in this period. Once the application has been created testing will take place to generate user feedback to inform future improvement and development.