Project Overview

Shetland project outline

Smartphone content screen mockup.  Copyright ZolkC Smartphone content screen mockup. Copyright ZolkC Geopark Shetland and Shetland LEADER will develop a map based application for Android and Iphone based around geosites in Shetland. The application will introduce users to ‘Geopark Shetland’, and highlight the concept and aims of the Geopark.  It will be map-based and linked with phone GPS systems.  The maps will be populated with a number of key sites, and users will be able to access text, audio, visual and graphic content about them, helping them to learn about and enjoy the natural and cultural heritage of Shetland. 

The app will be developed in key stages over a twenty-four month period.  Initial content will be developed in consultation with the software developers ZolkC. By the end of the project the Geopark will create and upload all content independently via a content management system

Shetland geosites and themed trails 

Virdin's Quarry, Mavis Grind. Copyright Shetland Geotours Virdin's Quarry, Mavis Grind. Copyright Shetland Geotours Nearly one hundred sites of geological interest with potential to engage visitors have been identified for inclusion within the app. Users will be able to search for sites by region, by theme, or by walking trail.  Themes will include:

  • A chronological journey through Shetland’s geology (the formation of Shetland)
  • Humans and resources (linking geology with archaeology / cultural heritage)
  • Geology, landscape and wildlife (linking geology with other natural heritage)
Shetland information access point(s) 

Information will be made available to those people who do not currently have an Iphone/Smartphone, or do not wish to engage with this kind of technology, either via the web, or from a central point such as the Shetland Museum and Archives in Lerwick.