Project Overview

Gorges du Pont du Diable sub-glacial melt channel Gorges du Pont du Diable sub-glacial melt channel Chablais project outline

Chablais Geopark and GAL Chablais LEADER are developing for the first time a series of tools for the communication of all their geoheritage in the territory.  The Chablais is interested in exploring quality mediation tools based on new technology.  This is envisaged to use flashcodes, Google Map itineraries and other applications to augment the traditional communication tools also being developed for the territory.

Chablais GeoRoute

The Georoute will be a territory wide discovery route to be undertaken by car or public transport and will link the key geosites.  Twenty one sites have been selected because of their independent, Lac Darbon and the Mountains of Haute Chablais Lac Darbon and the Mountains of Haute Chablais complementary and representative natures.  The Geopark is working with Atemia ( to develop the interpretation plan.  Atemia have a sustainable development charter to be "economically efficient, environmentally responsible and socially rewarding."  In line with the environmental philosophy of the Geopark and the SIAC, each site will be presented using minimally invasive valorisation tools and where suitable ‘Flash Code’.

Chablais virtual itineraries

Virtual itineraries for the GeoRoute geosites and other complementary geosites will be published from 2011 onwards.  This approach to reduce installed on site equipment also permits simple and continuous upgrading of site content.  Geotourists in the Chablais will be free to leave classic marked trails and continue their exploration in confidence and security, with a sense of adventure, discovery and freedom.