New Technologies

In September 2011 an intensive course was held in Chablais Geopark, led by EDYTEM and the University of Savoie.

Chablais georoute Chablais georoute The course aims were:

  • To review the digital technologies available for the inventory, exploration, knowledge and valorization of geoheritage.
  • To offer a hands-on workshop allowing participants to manipulate simple digital tools for webmapping, 3D imaging, virtual tours, video editing and basic augmented reality
  • To stimulate debate about the advantages and limits of new technologies in relation to the management and interpretation of geological heritage

Some of the course materials and software links are available here.

Google Earth Virtual Tours

Create a .kmz file from GPS Tracks, photos, videos and commentary to give a virtual tour to a site of interest

Example: Tour to Mount Granier

Basic Tutorial

Other Tutorials

Webmapping with API Géoportail

Create a simple webmap with points of interest and tracks

Example: The Taillefer Geotrail

IGN Géoportail API

Virtual Tour with Mapwing and Everytrail

Create a virtual tour with photos and text to embed in a webpage

Mapwing example: The Chablais Georoute

Mapwing website

Mapwing tutorial

Everytrail example: The Border Trail

Everytrail website

Everytrail tutorial

Lively panoramas with PanoSalado

Create a panorama and embedded it in a webpage

Example: Le Voua Bénit

Download Hugin (Panorama Stitcher)

Hugin Tutorial

3D with Photofly

Create a 3D reconstitution and video production

Example: An Erratic block

Example: A 3D Fossil

Example: An archaeological site

Download Photofly

Photofly tutorial

3D with Arc3D and Meshlab

Create a 3D reconstitution with free and open source software

3D pdf of an erratic block

Tutorial 1

Tutorial 2

Using QR codes Using QR codes Augmented Reality for in field visualization

Create a flyer with QR Code for in situ visualization

Website to generate QR code

Dynamic webmapping with Google Maps API

Personalize a web-application using Google Maps (javascript API) and PHP and MySQL for dynamic requests (selections)

Example with multiselection: Swiss inventory of geosites

Advanced webmapping (Google Maps and Earth integration)

Create a multi-view application mixing Google Maps and Earth APIs, Google Maps API version 3


The story of the Le Lyau kettles in 3 steps

Aerial photo of Les Vouas


Video editing software to download