About The Hondsrug Area - General Info

The Hondsrug region spans five local authority areas in the provinces of Drenthe, with almost two hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants.

Drentse Aa area ad Gasteren Drentse Aa area ad Gasteren It is a unique geological area with a very special history, a place where the cultural heritage is closely linked to the land. Although the Hondsrug name is well known, few people know about the region’s historical origins and its rich cultural heritage. 

The history of fortified towns like Coevorden and Groningen, as well as myths and legends such as that of the giants Ellert and Brammert, are all part of the local story through the ages.

Lhonerdiep Lhonerdiep Characteristic of the Hondsrug region is its diverse range of unique natural landscapes. In the south of the region lie peatbogs; on the ridges are found typical woodland areas, while the Hunze region in the east is an unspoiled ancient river valley where today beavers can once again be seen. In the northwestern part lies the Drentsche Aa National Park, recognised as one of the last remaining natural stream valleys of Western Europe.