About HINT

Heritage Interpretation Using New Technologies – The ‘HINT’ Project

Geopark Shetland. Copyright Shetland Amenity Trust Geopark Shetland. Copyright Shetland Amenity Trust Geoparks and aspiring Geoparks aim to use the earth heritage of their areas sustainably for the economic benefit of their region, largely through supporting tourism. 

Developing quality interpretation relating to geological and other heritage is a vital part of what Geoparks do.  North Pennines AONB North Pennines AONB To date, much interpretation has been ‘traditional’ in approach, relying on ‘panel/exhibit’ based interpretation. 

HINT is a two year project being undertaken by three Geoparks and one aspiring Geopark to explore the use of new technologies within their heritage interpretation activities. The Partners will exploit recent developments in digital technology, to take a more innovative approach to Chablais Geopark Chablais Geopark interpretation. 

The project is part-funded by the LEADER Programme.

The Project Partners